Who we areIntroducing HRE

Harare Receivables Exchange is a flexible alternative finance partner focused on growing trade, improving financial inclusion and creating jobs. Our working capital solutions give businesses timely access to receivables financing solutions in all key sectors of the economy. We pride ourselves in providing a secure, efficient and transparent way to finance working capital while meeting our client's unique business needs. HRE continues to be a pioneer in the Receivables Financing in Zimbabwe and the region.


To provide secure, transparent and efficient working capital for businesses.


To provide secure, transparent and efficient working capital for businesses.

What we doThere's more money to be made when you have to hire experts to tell you what to do.

  • Integrity– We are committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism, transparency and ethical conduct in all we do.

    Passion – We want to make a positive difference in our customers lives. Through supporting trade we strengthen our communities and fund the future.

  • Our Mandate as HRE is to develop Trade & Supply Chain Discounting in Africa through establishing transparent, efficient and secure working capital solutions, utilizing innovation and technology. Discounting intra-African trade and integrating SMEs into the global economical ecosystem.

  • We understand the need for quick and hassle-free access to finance and provide the financial tools to meet these needs and to succeed. HRE allows a business to sell its receivables and get funded in as little as 24hrs. This is a flexible and easy way to access financing without providing additional security.

  • We provide strong analytics and reporting capabilities that capacitate our client’s management to make the right business decisions to improve profitability.

Why It works?

Working with the various parties within the supply chain enables HRE to ensure the success of the trading relationship. More specifically working with buyers and sellers results in stronger and better financed supply chains. The early payments made by HRE relieve pressure on all parties, with their procurement and finance departments gaining an extra management tool to drive growth for the enterprise.