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Perhaps the single biggest inhibitor of growth in business is a lack of adequate financial resources to finance key business activities, caused by lengthy delays in receiving payments from customers. Now that is set to be a thing of the past, thanks to Harare Receivables Exchange, a little known but fast-growing finance company that has positioned itself as a reliable and approachable alternative financing partner. Focused on enhancing local and international trade, the company assists it’s clients by facilitating early payment after delivery  and freeing up much needed cash-flow.

Commenting on their recently concluded USD 2 million facility with Afreximbank, Tinashe Tamba, a co-founder of HRE, explains that “the initial facility will enable Zimbabwean companies to focus on providing quality products and services while HRE waits up to 30 – 90 days for payment from [the clients’] foreign customers.”

This facility is a step in the right direction in promoting the growth of local and international trade for Zimbabwe and organisations are encouraged to utilise this efficient working capital finance option. 

HRE is in the process of registering exporters, importers, local suppliers and Buyers who are keen to partner in strengthening their supply chains through early payments.

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